Your data is stored using a hybrid approach for optimal performance and security. A segment of your data is hosted on our cloud storage, while the remaining data is stored on Izimi data centers at Fednot.

The documents are stored in Izimi data centers and are to be found in Belgium: at Fednot, which manages the applications of all the notaries in Belgium.

  • Each document you save in Izimi is hosted in 3 different places, here in Belgium.
  • Your data are replicated between these 3 datacenters far from each other. In this way, if an event occurs (the fall of a comet, a nuclear explosion, etc.) in one of these sites, your data stay safe and secure and you can access them.
  • We have designed Izimi in such a way that it is redundant, so that if an Internet connection problem arises at a given moment, there is always a back-up.
  • The datacenters have 3-level certification. That means that their uptime is 99.982%. They are also in possession of other certifications such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, 100% green energy certificate and many more.

In addition to the data centers at Fednot, Izimi also uses the cloud to keep the data related to the documents, users and history safe.

  • Cloud storage refers to the storage of data on remote servers, instead of local servers. The data is accessible from any location with internet access.
  • If something goes wrong (theft or destruction of your computer), your most critical data remain safe and secure and you can access them securely from your favorite place.
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