Choosing Izimi

Means taking control of your life.

Secure storage and access from your mobile phone

  • All your documents are safe in your private space (1 GB of storage)
  • All data stored locally in Belgium
  • Protected with notarial expertise
  • Secure access via itsme®

Everyone has the right to a secure digital place to store important documents.

Your documents and data are securely stored in Izimi, stored locally (in Belgium) and protected by the recognized expertise of the notary public.

Simple and easy for you and your loved ones

  • Simple user interface
  • Manage your documents in clear categories
  • Make life easier for your loved ones - pass on crucial or practical information

Saving, modifying, sharing all your important documents and ensuring their management when you are no longer able to do so ... with Izimi, this becomes child's play.

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Managing your documents?
Simple, just do it with Izimi!

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Free, neutral and not-for-profit

  • Izimi is neutral and non-commercial
  • No data can be used without your permission
  • Izimi is a public interest service, that is neutral and impartial

Izimi is a non-commercial service, guaranteed by the Belgian notary. No data posted on Izimi can be used without your permission. 

Easy to use, absolute guarantee of privacy, no misuse of your data, no fine print.

With your Notary

  • A digital connection to your notary
  • Securely receive and share documents with your notary
  • Stay informed about legislative changes

Stay abreast of legislative changes and other developments that may impact your personal and professional situation. With the help of a notary, you can update your official documents and then add them to your vault.

Approved by Test Achats


Izimi has obtained the TA APPROVED label, meeting strict specifications defined by Test Achats. These specifications define very precisely the quality, price and origin (local) criteria that each product or service must meet.

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