Organise your documents as you wish

Each document is important and deserves an important place

You can manage all the aspects of your life in your vault space, including the key stages and important documents, all classified into different categories:


Passwords and access, identity cards, passport, birth certificate, family record book, wills, end-of-life wishes, diplomas, credentials and certificates, certificate of good conduct and good character, blood group, residence permit, driving licence, social security, health insurance card, etc.

Real estate

Building plans, certificates, building or pre-purchase photos, letters, rental agreements, inventory, act of purchase / sale, etc.


Vaccination card, blood tests, health check, blood donor’s card, organ donor’s card, end-of-life information, etc.


Identity cards for children, passports, general passwords, family record book, birth certificates, birth records, school diplomas, awards, certificates, blood groups, student contract, death certificates, extrajudicial mandate, cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, divorce papers, etc.


Purchase receipts / general bills, certificates of ownership and title acts (art), copy of the vehicle insurance papers, private contracts of sale, etc.


Payslips / annual statements, bank contracts, insurance policies, gifts, bonuses, expenditure (receipts and bills), loan amortisation schedules, family allowances, unemployment benefits, social security, etc.


Contracts, extracts from the Official Journal, act of incorporation, annual accounts, important communications with employer, registrations of domain names, notices, unemployment forms, training, personal development, royalties, reference letters, etc.


Power contracts, receipts / bills for household items, files of subsequent works, manuals, guarantee certificates, preliminary purchase agreements, acts of purchase /title acts, planning permission, town-planning information, inventories, grants (improvement, renovation, etc.) , mortgage loans, property tax, condominium documents, condominium fees, residence certificate, energy certificate, soil certificate, heating oil tank certificate, exchanges of correspondence with the co-owners’ association representative, minutes of the general meetings of co-owners (to be kept for 10 years), blueprints, land registry plan/extract from the land registry, home insurance, fire insurance, repayment protection insurance, building insurance, etc.

I am organising my documents straight away!