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You want to manage important documents? Keep track of all your sensitive and important paperwork? And you also want to be able to share them securely? Then Izimi is for you! Create your own secure environment here and use your digital safe.


Add documents to your vault

You can upload the documents you want to keep in your vault. Simply via your PC or smartphone!
Don't have your documents in digital form yet? Then simply scan them. You can also take a good quality digital photo with your smartphone and upload it to your safe.


Organize your documents

When you upload a document, you can classify them into multiple categories: personal, family, home, real estate, professional, financial, assets and health . Using tags, you can assign keywords such as a project or topic to your documents. That way you can find them easily!

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Add your contacts and notary and share documents with them

For this you need to invite your contacts (professionals, advisors, family or friends) within Izimi. Once they accept your invitation you can securely share documents with them.