Keeping your notarized deeds


A notarial deed is an official document with legal value. It offers legal security to your transactions and will therefore provide you with protection regarding acts that may have a significant financial impact on your assets and those of your loved ones. It is therefore essential to protect and preserve them.  The storage of online documents and the protection of private data are a constant concern of the notary’s office, which is why all notarial acts created since 2015 are stored in NABAN, the bank of notarial acts housing the dematerialized copies and metadata of all authentic acts received by a Belgian notary. These documents and metadata are stored securely for a minimum of 75 years. Thanks to Izimi, you have direct access to these documents from your personal safe.

How long do you have to keep the deed of sale

The notarized deed related to a real estate purchase (deed of sale), proving for example that you are the owner, must be kept for at least the duration of the property. However, it is highly recommended to keep these documents for life, especially in case of donation of the property in question.