Traditional e-mail, Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. applications are not properly secured, so your personal data can be easily intercepted and misused.

Izimi provides a secure alternative to these flawed applications.

To access your vault, you must identify yourself. Izimi uses the best solution available solution for identifying yourself in Belgium, as recognized by the EU: BOSA FAS (federal authentication service). This is a very robust authentication mechanism.

This system also uses two-factor authentication, both through Itsme and eID. So, to access Izimi, you have to know something (i.e. your PIN code) and have something (i.e. your cell phone or your Belgian eID) that belongs to you. That too is an added layer of security to make sure only you have access to your vault.

Also see the FAQ: https://www.izimi.be/en/faqs/how-is-access-to-my-vault-secured/

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