You have to provide proof of your identity (authentication) to access your vault. In order to do so, we use the best solution available in Belgium, recognised by the EU: BOSA FAS (Federal Authentication Service). This is a very sound authentication system, more than any identifier/password combination.

  • Secure authentication — eID or Itsme®
  • With Izimi, we do not save any user password. We use eID or Itsme for each authentication.
  • eID and Itsme enable a “secure connection”, i.e., “Digital security and privacy of the highest level”. With Itsme, for example: “your digital identity can only be used on your smartphone, with your mobile number and your installed itsme® app. A unique combination which only gives you access to your personal data.”
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  • 2-factor authentication
  • The inclusion of two-factor authentication is part of the Itsme or eID connection. That means that you have to know a piece of data (your PIN code) plus something you possess (your smartphone or your Belgian eID) in order to access Izimi). When you connect to Izimi, you have to use the eID or Itsme to be able to access your vault and your documents.
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