Keep your passwords


Access your Facebook account, your banking application, unlock your smartphone or computer, open a secured portal or deactivate an alarm, access health, travel, payment applications … passwords allow you to identify yourself, to authenticate yourself in order to authorise an access. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to remember all logins and passwords which modern society imposes upon us. Especially, considering that  hackers are increasingly capable of taking control remotely of our devices, which compels us to create passwords which are increasingly complex and  difficult to remember. To have an application to keep your passwords has, therefore, become a requirement, if we do not want to find ourselves in an awkward position. 

How do you keep your passwords ?

Izimi allows you to keep all of your passwords centralised, in one single extra secured location; keeping your logins and passwords becomes child’s play: you only have to compile them in a Word-or Excel-document and save the document in your Izimi-safe. In this manner, you have access, from your PC or smartphone, and thanks to your itsme-identification, everywhere and all the time, to all your passwords !