What can a notary do for me on Izimi?


  • At the time of your registration or at a later date, you may indicate your reference notary. When notarial services start via the platform, the reference notary will be automatically presented to you as the notary who will handle the settlement of your case. Rest assured that you may easily change your referring notary at any time.
  • You can easily consult your referring notary’s details via the platform. That means you are only a click away from your personal and trusted adviser.
  • If you have opted, during your lifetime, for a post-mortem transfer of your digital vault to your heirs (see question What becomes of my vault and its contents after my death?), a transfer of the contents of your vault will be organised by “a” notary (freely determined by the heirs) to all the heirs as soon as they have made the request to do so.
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